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History  From childhood I have been keen on plants and gardens, encouraged by my family.

As a student I worked at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden and Blooms Nursery, Bressingham, Norfolk. Brief vacation experience followed at RHS Garden, Wisley and with landscape architects, Gordon Patterson & Partners, Aston, Stevenage.

Later experience involved working for freelance garden designer Paul Miles and looking after the garden of the late Mea Allan, author, both in Suffolk.

Qualifications In 1979 I qualified with a BSc (Hons) in Horticulture from London University (Wye College) and two years later went on to study for the two year Diploma/MA in Landscape Design at Sheffield University being awarded the DipLD.

Practice In 1986 I began work as a freelance garden designer in Hertfordshire moving to Suffolk in 2006.

Pitstone Hill, Hertfordshire Springtime beeches near Pitstone Hill Ha-ha in a Cambridgeshire garden allows unrestricted view of meadows
Why I design gardens? I am interested in the organisation of external space, the effect of light and shadow and the exciting drama created by contrasts.
I like the idea of the garden as a retreat, a restful and refreshing place and especially a place of visual delight.
Designing a garden is a problem-solving activity and therefore challenging. A garden, unlike a picture or piece of sculpture is never finished, it is dynamic, living and unpredictable and should engage all the senses of the user. It should be a place of sheer delight.
The satisfaction of the productive plot, the beauty of plants and the intellectual pleasure that can be derived from gardens are all reasons why I design and look after gardens.
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Celebrating 30 years of garden making…  1986 - 2016