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I have used Andrew's services over the years, and been impressed by his design ability.

He is prepared to listen to the client and design what they want, producing detailed plans, and then sourcing the materials/plants, and seeing the project through.

He has a great knowledge of plants, and is able to recommend the right plants for the client's soil, and design lovely borders around it ‘.

' We had our garden designed and cared for by Andrew and can totally recommend his imaginative ideas of layout, the juxtaposition of different plant forms and use of colour. We would be happy for prospective clients to contact us if they wish’.

Comments by Clients

‘ I treasure our association, the images of you planting in adverse conditions, rather temperate! and liaising with the Contractors. No price on this, good humour - characters.

Every time I see the garden, I will chuckle at the animation behind it all.

Thank you for inspiration, diligence and care’.

‘ It is hard to believe that it is fifteen years since you designed and planted our little front garden - we love it! It has given us great pleasure over the years and really has become more and more effective as it has matured - it looks a picture today with the three little chunky hornbeam hedges and the yew cube looking so fresh and vibrant in the Spring sunshine’.

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‘Your design transformed the garden from a football pitch to a place of beauty and tranquillity and in the twenty years since you did the design for the rear garden, and subsequently the front, it has given us and many visitors endless pleasure. The garden is now recognised as one of the most attractive in the village. The design and our subsequent work in making it a reality have also inspired me to develop my gardening knowledge and skills and given us both an abiding interest’.